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fishing slot,Automatic rotary gravure printing machine(8~10 colors)

  • Maximum print width: W750mm
  • Printing thickness: 15-60μm
  • Printing material: PVC, OPS, PET, OPP, POF, PE
  • The maximum printing speed: 140m/min
Inspection by colormeter

Use Color Analyzer,fishing slot

  • Whether the prosecution proofs match the color printing

Automatic High Speed Slitting Machine,football betting apps for android

  • Maximum width of sub: W1000mm
  • Slitting thickness: 15~60μm
  • Material Slitting: PVC, OPS, PET, OPP, POF, PE
  • The maximum printing speed: 250m/min

fishing slot,Automatic High-speed plastic sealing machine

  • Wide rubber seal: 13~400mm
  • Rubber seal thickness: 35~60μm
  • Rubber seal material: PVC, OPS, PET

Automatic High-speed inspection machine products,bet365 mobile

  • Inspection covers mlb Wide: 50~400mm
  • Thickness Inspection covers mlb: 35~60μm
  • Material Inspection covers mlb: PVC, OPS, PET, OPP
  • Zuigao Jian product speed: 300m/min

Automatic High-speed slicer,365 days cricket

  • Precutting Wide: 13~400mm
  • Precutting: 35~120μm
  • Precutting Material: PVC, OPS, PET, OPP
  • Precutting top speed: 300cuts/min