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Youth Basketball Camp – Practice Plan for

Youth Basketball Camp – Practice Plan for _____ 1) Role Call: Run 2 Laps, Stretching exercises. 2) Ball Handling: Basic Drills Dribble around Cones Full Court Dribbling (right, then left hand) Basic 2-Ball Dribbling drills . 3) Passing Drills: Basic Bounce / Chest pass drills (pair up the players)

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Practice Plan and Drills – Summer Team Camp Day 1

Need to get open. Basket cut – 5 on 0 pass and cut. Screen away – shooting drill. Screen away – 5 on 0 pass and screen. Reading defense when one pass away – fill and read defense (back cut or pop) Reading defense when ball is dribbled at you – back cut or pop out/behind.

Practice Plan and Drills – Summer Team Camp Day 4

Stationary dribbling – dribble cross, double cross, in/out over line, legs, behind back. Step through rips – ball security. In/out over line with explosive step – find a line. High five 1on1 (focus on good close outs on defense and quick dribbles moves on offense) 1v1 with random traps.

3 Basketball Practice Plans for All Age Groups (7 - 18 Years Old)

Basketball Practice Plan Structure. At Basketball For Coaches, we break down a typical practice into 5 sections… 1. Dynamic Warm-Up/Body Movement 2. Skill Work 3. Team Strategies 4. Scrimmage/Small Sided Games 5. Cool Down. First, let’s discuss each section in more detail. Later on we’ll break down how long you should spend on each of the sections.


Practice plans Basketball practice is a time to build skills and get the team going on the same page. Each player has the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their play during practice times. Our practice plans help you, the coach, to have a fluid and continuous learning and develop-ment time with players. The practice plans are for you, the coach, to try

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All players need a basketball (or share) and should stand on the sideline. The players will start in a good stance with their knees bent and eyes up and take 3 dribbles with their right hand. Next...

Example Basketball Practice Schedule and Plan | Inspirational ...

Sample basketball practice plan for young players: * Dynamic warm up and athletic development work – (10 to 15 minutes) – Have your team warm up together and do the following stretches; Jog 2 laps around the gym; Have the players start on the baseline; High Knees – have them run with high knees to the free throw line and back to the baseline

Sample Youth Practice Schedule (Ages 11 to 14)

Drills & Games to Practice Offense and Defense - 25 minutes. No Dribble Keep Away - 5 Minutes. 4 on 3 - Overload Drill - 5 Minutes. 4 on 4 - 5 minutes (Emphasize rules and teaching skills - after pass to wing, you must screen away. Similar to Situations Drill below.) 5 on 4 - Overload Drill - 5 minutes.

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practice should stress conditioning and fundamentals because the team must be in condition before the first game. The importance of carefully conceived, skillfully organized, and well executed drills cannot be overemphasized. 20 percent of the practice time should be devoted to all aspects of shooting.