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hips dropping lower than the oncoming ball eyes focusing on spiker's hitting arm for quick second then keying in on the oncoming spiked ball and its travel path, keeping platform arms straight with no bent elbows and away from the body...closer to the ball making a playable ball 8 -10 feet in the ...

3 Volleyball Digging Drills For Fast Improvements

Passing Drill . The aim of volleyball is to keep the ball in motion. Digging is a defensive move meant to keep the ball in the air after it has been lobbed over the net from the other side. Before you learn to dig you must learn to pass. A basic passing drill requires at least two players. Spread yourselves a good distance from one another. Commence the drill by tossing easy passes to one another.

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Team-on-3-Digging Drill is a beneficial volleyball drill both for diggers and servers. Such a drill gives diggers a splendid opportunity to improve their movements as well as reflexes significantly. On the other hand, Team-on-3-Digging Drill allows servers to improve their volleyball serving skills.

Volleyball Digging Drills – Learning Digging

Tasks in Our Volleyball Digging Drills The Coach (or player) on position C1 or C2 stands on the box and swings the ball over the net to the defender on the line and angle, one after another. If the coach or players are skilled enough, it is the most beneficial to do this drill without the stand - and use hitters who swing from the setter's set.

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Each player has a ball and will attempt to keep this ball in the air by "digging" it using only one arm. Dig Partner'S Strike. category: 4-Passing-Drills. Working in pairs the feeder spikes the ball to the worker. The worker has to dig it back to the feeder, and prepare to receive the next sho...

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Volleyball Dig Technique Drill 5 Drills Volley the ball to your partner who digs the ball to themselves then volleys the ball back and you do the same for a set time or number of good contacts.

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There are several things that must be taken into account when running through digging drills from a player’s perspective: Get into a low position with your legs spread wide; Distribute weight evenly; Beware of court boundaries; Keep the ball in front of the body, pushing under it; Beginners Knock-Out Digging Drill

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The coach hits a ball at the player, which that player digs to themselves and then sets back toward the coach. Continue for time or a number of good reps. (Saw this at USC) Variations: With two coaches this drill could be run in both diagonal directions on the same side of the court.